For groups

Pöllän Mökkimajoitus offers groups a high-quality accommodation option on the shore of beautiful Pöllänlahti, in the middle of Hailuoto’s most beautiful nature.

All year round we have accommodation for 24 people, divided into four different six-person cabins. In the new and modernly equipped Lohi-, Taimen-, and Siikamökki, the accommodation facilities are divided so that they each have

– two bedrooms, one with a double bed, the other with two single beds
– a fold-out sofa bed for two in the loft
– a convertible sofa bed for two in the living room kitchen as an alternative sleeping place.

To complement these three cabins, a few years older and slightly smaller, but still modernly equipped Poiju cabin, where the sleeping areas are divided so that it has

– two separate beds in the bedroom
– in the living room, two sofa beds for two, i.e. a total of four beds.

If the members of your group need more privacy, and double beds are not an option, there is room for a total of 19 people in the cabins mentioned above.

Our cottages, which are in use all year round in summer, are complemented by traditional and modestly equipped beach cottages. There is room for a total of 12 people in Ankkuri-, Ahven-, and Kutumökki.

The anchor cabin has a spreadable bed in the bedroom and two spreadable beds in the kitchen (= 6 people)
Ahvenmökki has a bunk bed for two and a spreadable bed for two (= 4 people) in a small room
In the small Kutumökki, there is one spreadable laver for two people.

During the summer, you can still find additional space in the modest Parimökki, which is “part-time retired”, with sleeping places for a total of eight (8) people.
For a lonely group, Ankkuri-, Ahven- and Kutumökki are also suitable for winter, as they all have electric radiators and a fireplace.

Pictures and more information about our cottages can be found in the section COTTAGES. We are also happy to tell you more by phone (not text messages) and by e-mail.

– If necessary, we help groups to find a suitable restaurant entrepreneur from Hailuoto to organize the meals
– On request, we advise on program service providers and other nice activities in Hailuoto!