Fishing and activities

Hailuoto fishing trips

Fishing trips are arranged for groups and they include traditional sea fishing during winter. The trips are fit for the groups of 2-7 people, and the routine can be altered to correspond the needs of the group. The leader of the trip has long sea fishing experience.

Winter fishing
–    Done with a fishing net
–    The trip starts from the Pöllä beach
–    The group drives to the ice holes with a snow mobile.
–    The visitors are allowed to take part in doing of the nets at ice holes.

After the fishing, the group will get back to shore with a catch, and they will enjoy some delicious fish foods and coffee.

Call us, and we’ll arrange the fishing trip fit for Your needs!

Ice fishing is a nice pastime on a winter’s day

Ice fishing is a nice activity on a winter’s day, suitable for experienced winter fishermen as well as beginners. After a successful day of ice fishing, the angler gets to fry a handsome perch or even a whitefish in a pan.

You can go ice fishing right in front of the Pöllä cottage accommodation in the sea area, and the best thing is when you can sit on the ice while the spring sun is shining.

Skiing and snowshoeing

In winter, skiing and snowshoeing can be done well even on sea ice. Pöllä’s cottage accommodation also has its own hiking trail, which you can ski along the slopes in winter.

Snowshoeing is a fun and effective sport that is easy to learn. Snowshoeing is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. With snowshoes you can enjoy the winter nature in a whole new way. Snowshoeing can be recommended as a form of exercise for the whole family.