Special offers


Weekly booking in June 610 €

Weekly booking in July 620 €

Poijumökki, Ankkurimökki, Ahvenmökki and Kutumökki


On weekdays, for those who have made a 3-day reservation, days 1 and 2 at the normal price and the third day at a 50% discount


For those who have made a reservation for 4 or 5 days, days 1, 2 and 3 at the normal price and the fourth and fifth day at a 50% discount

The special offers only apply to new bookings made by the end of May 2023

Proceed as follows:

  •  Make a reservation like the one mentioned above for June and/or July in Nettimökki reservation system no later than May 31.
  •  You will receive information about the preliminary reservation in your e-mail from Nettimökki system. Note! This announcement does not yet read anything about the discount. Nettimökki system cannot calculate the discount automatically. The correct, reduced price will only appear in the booking confirmation, which you will receive after we have manually confirmed the booking.
  •  We confirm the reservation within a few days of making the reservation.
  •  You will receive a booking confirmation from Nettimökki system in your email. This booking confirmation reads the reduced price correctly.

For more information on special offers, call 044-2393682 or 0400-168675